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App no longer shows energy mix

The app use too show your energy mix. How much solar energy you produced for the day and how much you used and energy sent to grid. Hate the updates. So disappointed

Love monitoring my solar

I have had a SunPower system for 6 years and the monitoring app is great. I track how much my solar is producing and how much energy we are using at home. I wish I could set up alerts for notification of performance, but that’s the only thing I would change. The charts and graphs are solid and I can quickly and easily navigate my performance.

Slow and Old

What a terrible app. SunPower is supposed to be one of the best solar companies but their app is a joke. I should of gone with Tesla. Has not been updated for over a year!

Not Impressed

My solar system went live yesterday. At first, the app seemed to be working, although the reported numbers were nowhere close to what I was getting from my outdoor meter. I read others’ reviews that the data wasn’t current. Today, with the system fully running and generating power, the app still cannot capture the data. I will verify with my solar provider tomorrow that it is properly linked....but so far, I am NOT IMPRESSED.

Bad to worse

No QC on their app. Went from working poorly to Dead on Arrival

Don’t Bother

App is unreliable and data is irrelevant. Wish SunPower would spend more time updating this system and less time making excuses for it.

Freezes and crashes. Does not work!

Freezes and crashes. Does not work!

Sorry app

On both iPhone and iPad the app fails to satisfy. It spins forever lately and almost never gives data. They just changed some part on system and said, “now it’ll produce more energy and better information.” I have no confidence regarding either.


Garbage app really wished it worked especially for a $52,000 system. We deserve better as customers and should make this a priority to fix ASAP!

What happened?

Was really good first few months, end of 2017. Terrible ever since. Get better.

Not good

Very slow - not accurate- they say they will update it but when?


This is a mostly useless app that shows energy created by solar, but does not show consumption or the amount generated by individual panels.

Junk on the side of my house

I plain doesn’t work. It had good connection to my WiFi but doesn’t update. What you see is the info your monitor has uploaded to their servers. Which seem to be broken. I’ve had Sunpower out 3 times since install and they can’t program it correctly because the monitor shows different numbers than the meters. They need to fire those software designers and get other apps that work. Let the owner get live legit information which is shared later with Sunpower.

So disappointed!

When I saw previews of the app as part of he install, I was impressed. I got solar panels for environmental, educational (for my young kids) and financial reasons - in that order. Loved that I could see the environmental impact and could track production in real time. That was 18 months ago. Over the last 2-3 months the app has gone from something I checked frequently to utterly useless. Multiple calls/chats to local installer and SunPower was an exercise in frustration as SunPower’s response was, “we’ll have our tech team look into it.” A voicemail for a call back was never returned. The local installer basically said the system itself is working fine - the problem is at SunPower... Net-net, the app is crap if it doesn’t give accurate data... come in SunPower, fix this!!!

Does not give you an accurate reading!

According to my app, I’m producing 2-8 kWh a day. I had called for service, and they assured me that the panels are working fine. Will have to see month to month. Would have been nice to get an accurate reading.

Needs work

Had our panels turned on about a week ago. The kWh usage is way way off. We went from using about .4 kWh overnight and then around 8 am it shoots up to 5 kWh and just keeps climbing. By the end of the day it’s saying we used almost 100 kWh which is just nuts. My contact at SunPower said they are working on updating their software so the display I’m seeing is not always going to be accurate. He did send me an email with a picture of their graph they have on their end and it showed high production and relatively low consumption. This was reassuring but seeing it in real time would be a lot more rewarding. Hoping they get this worked out so I can see if I’m getting some return on my investment.

20th century dumb home :(

If you are looking forward to seeing how your panels are saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint, look for another PV vendor. If you have a Nest or monitor your security system through an app, do not expect the same level of performance and information from this app because you will not get it. Using this on brand new system, iPhone 6, 6s and iPad. System constantly shows “communication error” which is false. It appears to be poor system design and insufficient server infrastructure. Installation crew was apologetic and guardedly pessimistic about when/if this would get fixed “supposedly scheduled to get upgraded this year” is all I hear. I’m hoping this review demonstrates to Sunpower that customer expectations for performance are so poorly met by this app that it spoils the customer experience. Sunpower, when you fix this app, I will amend this review.

24-48 hours behind

Despite several calls with both our local installer as well as with SunPower, the delay is still 24-48 hours behind. Have been told they are “working on it”, but can’t believe it takes 3 months to fix this! Time for SunPower to hire some tech experts to make this app work. So much for purchasing from higher priced company thinking that their customer service and app warranted a higher dollar outlay!

Not great

Constantly two days behind in tracking production. The app has a notification at the top saying data will be delayed or intermittent and we’re working on resolving the problem. If your system doesn’t update within 48 hours, call us. Well, it’s been behind by 48 hours since my $72,000 system was installed. It does not track my usage despite some reviews saying it does. Maybe that’s only available for leased systems or with certain power companies. Either way, the app’s purpose is to monitor, and it does a poor job unless you want to know what happened two days ago. Hopefully my system doesn’t go down, I’ll lose a minimum of 2 days of production before I know about it.

Awesome app to start...

App was awesome the first few months Solar was installed. Complete trash since then. Everyday/last few months it displays the warning: Display of data may be intermittent or incomplete. My internet provider and router are legit. So fix the problems. Some of us like to see what we’re producing and not days later. Hmmmm. Maybe it’s the product/monitoring equipment that’s being installed.

Stopped working this week

After already being a buggy app, this week it forgot my password and now won’t send me a new one. Has it been hacked? Either way, FIX THIS, SUNPOWER.

New updates take away some data

The old app was “ok” - the new updates mysteriously take away hourly data which was useful for multiple reasons. Now a far less useful app than it was before.


The app and the system have constant intermittent issues. You never have a consistent set data. The worst!


This is probably one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. First of all, it’s not updated or design for the iPhone X layout. There are no notifications and it does not show if there’s an error on your inverter. It does not show on peak or off-peak energy hours, it doesn’t show your energy bank for the month, and the kWh that you have drawn from the grid are inaccurate. As you generate Solar power, what you have drawn from the grid suddenly goes down. How exactly does that work? You either draw from the grid or you don’t. If I end a day with a surplus of energy, that energy needs to roll over in the app for the next day. The data resets every day so it looks like at certain points of the day you are using more than you have produced when in reality you have a surplus from previous days that you’re using. The app is totally misleading and unhelpful and needs to be updated. I wish I would’ve gone with another solar company.

Inconsistent and unreliable

Does not report data completely nor accurately. Huge disappointment and company seems not to care.

iPhone X support

Please update app to fit the full screen on iPhone X. This is the only app I have that hasn’t been updated to support the new screen.

Sunpower panels are great so far. Sunpower app not so much

Sunpower panels are great.... Sunpower app not so much. You can only see what the total system is doing and not individual panals, and even that is days behind. It will show my system produced 25 kW for a couple of days then finally it will update with the correct info and show 60 kW produced. While this does not actually have anything to do with production, it’s frustrating to have a monitoring app that doesn’t report accurately. Everyone else with solar I know have a far better solar app.

Not having issues

I have a WiFi and wired connection between my router and my system to help uptime with the monitoring tools (APP & web) and I experience few connectivity issues. The ‘power’ reporting is difficult to understand, but the ‘energy’ graphs are intuitive and helpful. I haven’t been able to tie reported performance exactly to my local power provider’s reporting, but it’s very close. I would like to see text alert functionality, but other than that- it’s a great little tool I monitor daily.


Green equals what I’m producing. Blue is how much I’m using. So if the green (on the graph) is more than the blue (using) then I should be sending power to the grid. Right? Nope. The blue is actually what your using on top of the green. Understand? No. Me neither. Until I had it explained to me. Just turn the blue bar into the total power being used. Keep the green bar as the total power being produced by the solar. I’ll figure the rest out myself.

iPhone X support

This app needs to support iPhone X

App name below icon

This will become a 5 star review when the name of the app below the app icon fits. Just call it Sun Power or SunPower. SunPowerMoni... isn’t that pleasing to the eye.

Notifications please!

I’ve experienced many outages with my system. The app doesn’t provide a notification that the system is down. Developers that would be a HUGE help to users of a Sunpower system. Afterall, how oftem does anyone go to the inveters to see if they’re working properly.

Great app. Easy to navigate.

Very knowledgeable sale person Jason, very frienedly and professional installation crew of 4 and another knowledageable Ben to wrap up with the city inspection. I can't express my satisfaction with this solar project. The app has been running smoothly. It gives me all the information I need on my iPhone and iPad. If I really want to pick on something, it's probably the blue color in the energy graph part. It doesn't look too blue (I suppose the gree underlay changes the color a bit).

App is problematic

App needs work and so does the company. Sent them info and screen shots of problems with the app. Receive a reply from Cristine , a Customer Portal Senior Specialist at Sunpower no less, repeats what I report, calls me the wrong name and says she will forward to the development team. Wonder what a senior specialist does besides send back form based replies??? Excerpt below Thank you for taking the time to provide us your feedback regarding the SunPower Monitoring System website. This is in response to your comment: The app is problematic. Sometimes it launches info immediately. Sometimes it just freezes and takes a couple minutes We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused you. I will have this forwarded to our development team for further investigation. Again, thank you for your feedback.

Yay I can see how many trees I saved

Too bad the salesman told me my micro inverter system would allow me to monitor each panel individually. Hourly and daily total doesn't tell me if if I have a panel that isn't working like it should. Paid extra for high grade panels but I guess I'm supposed to take their word for it for the next 25 years.

A Joke

I would not have bought a SunPower system if I knew this was their solution to monitoring. How can you not have per panel and per array monitoring. I have friends with what SunPower would consider "inferior" systems that both have per panel monitoring. This is supposedly the best Solar system on the market. Kind of a joke.


App works but it was very, very difficult to get my Sunpower system to communicate the data. Had to wait 4 months for support to work out what was my solar input and energy output. It took dozens of calls and a lot of time I will never get back.


This app is more intuitive than anything I've ever used monitoring solar. It's bright, simple, and fun. Others are just simple and not as fun to look at.


Should have TouchID login. Should show customer the array map with string and serial data, this is RELEVANT warranty documentation that the user/owner should have available as well. Should show user the individual panel performances. User may have control over shading that is decreasing performance and be able to fix that if they know what part of the array is effected. Just because SunPower warranties only the aggregate system performance is NOT a good reason to hide useful system data from your users. If users are that poorly informed about their warranty you are failing to educate but you are using a bad way to manage that.

Custom Date Query Difficult

Before, I gave a lower rating because the custom date query was difficult to select. I have since determined it is not so difficult, just operator error. Regardless, the previous two year old version was easier to select a custom date.

So much better

A big improvement over what came before

Much better

Slicker, more updated app. Good direction. Needs much work still. Needs : notifications for performance issues or extremes in performance Needs: comparison with other local users to help compare output, and comparison with previous months and same time in previous years, with analysis for variances in performance, like shorter days, cloudier weather, more rain, etc.. The nest thermostat does this well.

Latest build just hangs

I updated, and the latest build just sits with a white screen. Nothing loads. Rebooted, etc- no dice. Maybe I and SunPower should just give up. Last review: Wow, after almost a year SunPower updated the app. It's now less sucky. What's better? It seems faster and has retained its (minima) functionality from the previous version. Still lacks YoY or period over period comparison, or really any analytical/BI capabilities. And what's the deal with a full size widget that is "no longer supported"? So less sucky, and still addictive to check just how much power your grid is producing today.


The app worked fine for a while. Now my phone says "this app may slow your phone down". That's what it does. Never works now.

App needs updating

SunPower needs to update their very slow app. It takes quite a while to show usage/production data on the iPhone app (if at all). I keep getting a message from Apple that the developer of the app needs to update their app because it is slowing down the system. Why doesn't the SunPower app store past usage data instead of having to update the data set every time I log into it. When it works, I like it. When it doesn't work, I'm frustrated.

Mobile browser page so much better

Update this app to be more like the mobile browser version and you'll get 5 stars!

Needs updates for iOS 10

App runs poorly on iOS 10. Hasn't been updated in three years.

Sunpower vs others

Panels and system are great. The largest flaw with sunpower is the app and sunpower directly can't look into how each panel is performing. I have 28 panels are they all working? When you call they say power generated is the only way to know. So if I have a problem in the first year and we look after that how would you know????? My grind with another app from another system shows each panel and its performance. (Cheaper system)

An update would be nice

This app constantly causes a warning from IOS 10 that it will slow the phone down when the app is running. I believe Apple has requested that all apps be updated to accommodate the new requirements. Come on SunPower! You can do it!😃👍

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